Systems Application and Products (SAP), was primarily launched to furnish clients with the capacity to connect upon a typical information base along with a complete application range. Gradually, with time and with the rising need of development many organisations are thinking of a wide range of SAP encouraged modules to manage their workplace. The two most common modules to make work cost-effective and on-time are SAP ABAPand ABAP on HANA. With the help of these 2 modules we get advanced, real-time analytics.

Before diving into the advantages of the above-mentioned modules, let’s get to know what is SAP ABAP and HANA:

  • Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)

It is a high-level programming language created by SAP in order to customize their ERP platform. It is used on their Netweaver application server.


  • High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA)

It is a multi-model database that stores data in its memory instead of a disk as it combines of a powerful in-memory database system that is able to pull data directly from the data base to serve numerous businesses enhancing applications. 

Let us, at Oswego Learning, the best SAP training institute in Kolkata, take you through afew advantages of learning ABAP development and HANA are:

  1. Efficiency

In today’s business world ‘solutions’ cannot wait till the end of the week. With the help of SAP ABAB on HANA, we are able to get various processes and reports delivered at high speeds and in real time.


  1. Simplicity

The usability of this software is one of the leading advantages. With the help of a well-organised training program, any user will be able to utilize the data leverage power of this module.


  1. Various data sources

With ABAP and HANA software the user will be able to access data from a variety of sources and that too consistently and promptly. The data comes from traditional business sources like as well as websites and mobile data.


  1. Transformational data

To make data pairing and analysis easier, SAP on HANA aids in moving data across various platforms effortlessly.

So, if you want to enrol for SAP ABAP or ABAP on HANA training courses to move ahead in your career, you can contact us at Oswego Learning; we are here to provide you with discount on coursesto enhance your current skills and career goals.